Ankarsrum Original USA - ProductCart Case Study

General Store Information

About Ankarsrum Original

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, the Ankarsrum Original has been one of the best "kitchen assistants" on the market since the 1940s. Over the years it has been developed and improved in many areas, and the number of accessories has been expanded, although the basic construction and the original concept of a robust, dependable and easy-to-use stand mixer for private and professional use remains.

The new USA importer - baking pros The Bread Beckers - wanted to create a new online "home" for this famous product line. They opted for a business-to-business ecommerce store, where purchasing is restricted to dealers only, but the products are also showcased to prospective consumers, with plenty of details. Once dealers log in, they are presented with a complete shopping experience for the purchase of products for resale.

Product Details Page

The product details page uses GreyBeard Design Group's Tabbed Product Details Display add-on to show features, videos, and specifications. Clicking on the main product image brings up a larger picture in a modal window (a default feature in ProductCart), and allows the visitor to easily browse through the different colors that the mixer comes in.

Content Pages

Content pages are used to display additional information on the Ankarsrum product line. One of those pages is dedicated to showcase YouTube-hosted videos, which are conveniently displayed in a modal window, so the visitor does not need to leave the page to watch them.

Videos are one of the growing trends in ecommerce these days, as they can improve the user experience and lead to an increase in sales.

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First Thoughts

This store is all about the product - the Ankarsrum Original stand mixer - and the graphic on the home page immediately draws the attention to it. The site navigation in the header section is simple and clear, following a Web design trend that wants minimalist navigation at the top, and a more detailed, sitemap-like navigation at the bottom of the page.

Ankarsrum Product Picture

Suggestion: the main graphic on the home page could be turned into a slider, something that the designer already indicated is in the works.

Dealer-only ecommerce system

The Web site works as a brochure for the casual visitor, while purchasing is reserved to wholesale customers only. ProductCart has built-in support for this type of setup, so the designer was able to launch the dealer-only ecommerce system with minimal tweaks to the default features.

The store also features a category for "Parts", which is hidden to the casual visitor and shown only to logged-in dealers. Making it easy for buyers to locate replacement parts is an area where Internet retailers can create a competitive advantage. Sears - for example - has built a large business around this marketing opportunity.

Ankarsrum Store Settings Picture


The videos are well done and very helpful. One suggestion: at the time of this writing, the first video in the list is 20 minutes long (history of the product). We would recommend placing a shorter, product-focused 1-2 minute video first, and moving the longer one lower on the page.

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Final thoughts

The store successfully delivers on its mission of presenting the Ankarsrum Original product line as a quality offering. The addition of several videos enhances the user experience: time to turn off the computer and start baking!