Frequently Asked Questions for ProductCart shopping cart software

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about ecommerce, shopping carts, and our ProductCart shopping cart software

We've collected answers to questions that prospects and customers often ask about ecommerce in general, shopping carts, and more specifically about our ProductCart shopping cart software.

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How does ProductCart compare to other shopping carts?

Check out this shopping cart software comparison summary page to focus on some of the things that make ProductCart such a powerful ecommerce system. It's a summary of a number of features that are pretty hard to find elsewhere and it can help you compare ProductCart with other shopping carts.


I'm just getting started with ecommerce. Can you help?

We have written a series of articles that can help you understand what is involved with selling products and services on the Internet, how to select a shopping cart that fits your needs, and more. In addition, we have a network of partners that offer turnkey ecommerce solutions and can help you achieve exactly what you are looking for, from start to finish.


I'm an ecommerce expert. Why should I choose ProductCart?

If you are an expert, we are confident you will truly appreciate the effort we have put into developing ProductCart, the attention to the small details that make building and managing an Internet store faster and more profitable, and the level of flexibility that is given to the store administrator. Here are some more reasons to use ProductCart.

If I buy your software, what do I get?

You get the software, electronically via download, with its entire ASP source code. You will then FTP the files to your Web server, and can be up & running in no time. If you'd like, we can help with the installation and setup. Because this is not a hosted service, there are no fees of any kind after you purchase the software. ProductCart starts at $695 per store. There are discounts for multiple licenses and for ecommerce solutions providers.

Also, we wrote an article that will give you some tips of how to review and compare different shopping carts.

The most important thing to do is to focus on the features that are relevant to your business: pick the shopping cart that will allow you to be successful. Here is a list of features included in our shopping cart. Also, remember that our shopping carts come in two versions: ProductCart and ProductCart Build To Order.


Is there a trial version of ProductCart?

ProductCart is an ASP shopping cart and the Classic ASP source code is available to you when you purchase. So due to the nature of the software we do not currently offer a trial version. However, we have a series of fully functional demo stores.


I'm a Web designer (or Web host). Why should I use your software for my clients?

ProductCart has an outstanding feature set, blends seamlessly with any design you may create, and is easy for your clients to use. We strongly support companies like yours through a great reseller program. ProductCart is shipped with its full ASP source code, so if you want to, you can freely customize its features to more exactly match your clients' needs. Not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose ProductCart.


Who is NetSource Commerce?

NetSource Commerce is a sister company of NetSource Technologies, Inc., an award-winning web development company headquartered in Ocala, Florida and serving clients nationwide since 1995. In April of 2013, NetSource Commerce acquired the ProductCart shopping cart system from Early Impact. Several members of the Early Impact team located in Mission Viejo, CA, including the company president along with the principal developer who wrote the first line of ProductCart’s code, joined the NetSource Commerce team to continue to grow and develop outstanding ecommerce software. Our ProductCart line of shopping cart software is used around the world to power professional-looking, easy-to-manage Internet stores. Go to an overview of our ecommerce software or learn more about NetSource Commerce.

Who is using your shopping cart software?

Thousands of businesses around the world have chosen our ProductCart shopping cart software as the foundation on which to build and run profitable online stores. Some of them use the software "as is", while others have taken advantage of the open ASP source code to customize the system to further meet their needs.


How is ProductCart licensed?

ProductCart is licensed "per database" and "per domain". If you need multiple licenses, discounts apply. And if you provide ecommerce solutions to your customers, we have a great reseller program for you.


Does your shopping cart software work with accounting software like QuickBooks, and/or POS systems?

ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks provides true synchronization capabilities between your ecommerce store and your QuickBooks company file. Integration with other accounting systems could certainly be done and the ProductCart XML Tools (a suite of XML tools that make integrating ProductCart with third-party applications easier) will help.

Integration with POS (Point of Sale) systems is happening already as our resellers are seeing the opportunity and working in this area. There are a lot of systems out there, and it makes sense for companies that already have an expertise in those systems to perform the integration with ProductCart. For example, the following POS system has been integrated:

Is ProductCart search engine friendly?

Yes, absolutely. ProductCart includes a number of features designed to help you build a search engine friendly ecommerce store. These include product- and category-specific Meta Tags, canonical URLs, keyword-rich URLs, sitemap generation, and more. See why ProductCart is a search engine friendly shopping cart.


How about PCI compliance? Is this a PA-DSS approved shopping cart?

YProductCart is PA-DSS compliant. If you are using a licensed shopping cart, using a PA-DSS cart is a necessary component in demonstrating PCI compliance for your ecommerce Web site. Learn more about ProductCart, PA-DSS, and PCI compliance.


Is ProductCart available as a hosted solution?

We don't provide a hosted version of ProductCart at this time, but some of our resellers do. Check out ProductCart-optimized ecommerce hosting for a variety of options when it comes to hosting a ProductCart-powered store.

Does NetSource Commerce offer Web hosting services?

Not at this time: we have decided to focus on what we do best, which is developing quality ecommerce software. However, there are a number of ecommerce hosting providers that offer ProductCart-optimized Web hosting packages.