Apparel Add-On v3 Upgrade

This is for customers currently using the Apparel Add-On v1.71 with ProductCart v2.76p, who have upgraded their store to ProductCart v3.
Price: $95.00
Apparel Add-On v3 Upgrade
Apparel Add-On v3 Upgrade
Product Details
System Requirements
A store that has been upgraded to ProductCart v3 and needs the Apparel Add-on v1.71 to be upgraded as well. If you are running a previous version of ProductCart and the Apparel Add-on, you will need to update your store to v2.76pa171 and then first purchase the upgrade to ProductCart v3.
License Terms
The Apparel Add-On is licensed on a per-store basis: each implementation ofthe Apparel Add-On requires a previous or concurrent purchase of aProductCart license. Each license is granted according to the terms ofthe ProductCart End User License Agreement, which can be found inChapter 1 of the ProductCart User Guide.