ProductCart Setup Service

SKU: setup04
ProductCart programmers will install and activate the store for you. Please see product details in order to select the correct scenario.
Price: $75.00
Product Details
ProductCart customers purchase the Setup Service in two scenarios:
(1) New (or recent) Purchase = $50
If you have purchased a ProductCart license in the last 48 hours (or are in the process of purchasing one), the cost is $50. The cost of the service is reduced when a ProductCart license is purchased at the same time to help customers get setup with their new store.
(2) Existing Store = $100
Sometimes ProductCart customers wish to re-setup ProductCart because of one or more of the following reasons: the store is moved to a new hosting company; server crash; complete re-install to remove code changes that are causing problems; re-install to start from scratch with latest version; etc.
In both scenarios, ProductCart programmers will install and activate the store for you. This includes uploading the default ProductCart files to your Web server, configuring folder permissions, creating the database connection string, running the SQL database creation script (SQL stores only), and activating the store.
Once the store is active, you will receive an email with the location of the Control Panel. You will then just need to log in and start configuring your store.