ProductCart v3 BTO + CM Upgrade

ProductCart v3 BTO + CM Upgrade
ProductCart v3 BTO + CM Upgrade
Upgrade to the next generation shopping cart software: ProductCart v3! There are dozens of new storefront features, and a completely redesigned, powerful Control Panel. The Build To Order portion of the system was substantially upgraded as well. Purchase this upgrade if your store is running both Build To Order and Conflict Management. Please Note: you must be running v2.76p or v2.76p2 to upgrade to v3.
Price: $195.00
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Product Details
Purchase this upgrade only if your store is running ProductCart v2.76p or v2.76p2 with both Build To Order and Conflict Management.
What's new in version 3
This is by far the biggest upgrade we have ever released. There are many features specific to ProductCart Build To Order that were added or improved. See what's new in version 3.
How to Upgrade
Make sure to download and carefully review this Guide to Upgrading your ProductCart-powered store to version3. This is a "must read" to ensure a smooth transition to v3.
License Key
This page asks you to enter your store's license key. If you don't have a record of your license key, you can locate it as follows:
  • Download the file "includes/storeconstants.asp" using your favorite FTP program
  • Open it in Notepad or an HTML editor
  • Your license key is the long alphanumeric string that follows "scCrypPass="

Please note that your order will not be processed unless you provide a valid license key.