ProductCart v5 Upgrade Service

ProductCart v5 Upgrade Service
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ProductCart v5 Upgrade Service
Price: $495.00
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Product Details
This v5 Upgrade Service is for ProductCart stores that are using the default (off-the-shelf) files, and running v4.1 or higher. It includes upgrading the store to v5, as well as converting the existing v4.x header and footer to the new "theme" approach used in ProductCart v5. For more information about converting to a theme, please refer to the following Help Desk article:

If the store has customizations to the source code that need to be re-applied to the new version, a separate quote will be provided after a NetSource developer has reviewed the existing modifications and estimated the time needed to merge them in to the new version. The process of reviewing the modifications also requires the following purchase to get started:

... but the fee is applied toward the separate quote if the customer proceeds.


- A valid Support & Updates Plan must be in place for the Store/License that is being upgraded to v5.
- FTP access to the server is required for the upgrade to be performed.

Please do not purchase this item until you have corresponded with NetSource and been instructed to do so.