ProductCart Synchronizer v4.7 for use with QuickBooks

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Effortlessly synchronize inventory, orders, and other aspects of your ProductCart-powered online store with your QuickBooks company file. ProductCart is a QuickBooks ready shopping cart. The Synchronizer has been approved by Intuit and is listed in the QuickBooks marketplace.
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ProductCart Synchronizer v4.7 for use with QuickBooks
ProductCart Synchronizer v4.7 for use with QuickBooks
Product Details
ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks certificationProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks® is not an import/export tool. It takes advantage of the QuickBooks Web Connector to provide true synchronization capabilities between your ProductCart-powered e-commerce store and your QuickBooks Financials company file.

You will not need to import and export data between your ProductCart-powered store and your QuickBooks company file (no more *.IIF files to worry about). For instance, you can have your QuickBooks desktop automatically connect to your online store to download the most recent orders every 5 minutes. Orders are then automatically imported into your QuickBooks Financials company file as orders or sales receipts.

QuickBooks Synchronizer will help you keep inventory up-to-date too. When you receive a new shipment and enter updated inventory data into your QuickBooks company file, you will then be able to instantly update inventory levels in your ProductCart store database.

For more information about the Synchronizer and our QuickBooks ready shopping cart software, please see the ProductCart Web site at

Please note that this software requires QuickBooks 2007 or higher and also Technical Support Incidents:
  • You will receive 2 free Technical Support Incidents with your purchase
  • You will need to purchase additional Technical Support Incidents to submit additional support requests
  • Effective 3/30/09 all copies of the QuickBooks Synchronizer must be purchased by the end user so that the technical support incidents can be properly managed.
Do NOT purchase this item until you have confirmed that you meet all of the System Requirements published on the following page:

QuickBooks® is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.