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QuickBooks and our shopping carts

Looking for a shopping cart compatible with QuickBooks®? Our ecommerce software is QuickBooks ready! Entering Web orders manually into QuickBooks? The ProductCart Synchronizer for QuickBooks is for you.

This useful addition to our shopping cart software takes advantage of the QuickBooks Web Connector to provide true synchronization between your ProductCart-powered ecommerce store and QuickBooks.

Orders flow automatically from your online store into QuickBooks, and inventory levels updated in QuickBooks can automatically be reflected in your online catalog. As with most features built into our ecommerce software, we use the Synchronizer ourselves at Early Impact, and it saves us time every day!

Easy transition from Web orders to QuickBooks invoices or sales receipts

QuickBooks shopping cart

Having your shopping cart automatically synchronize with QuickBooks can really make the difference in your daily work routine.

  • Save time
    ... by automating order import and inventory updates
  • Save Money
    ... by not having to employ somebody to perform these tasks
  • Eliminate Errors
    ... by eliminating double entries (e.g. when manually adding Web orders to QuickBooks)
  • No Import/Export
    Information between QuickBooks and your Web store is now synced up automatically.

True Synchronization between QuickBooks and your Web Store

You will not need to import and export data between your shopping cart software and your QuickBooks company file (no *.IIF files to worry about). For instance, you can have your QuickBooks desktop software automatically connect to your online store to download the most recent orders and synchronize inventory every 5 minutes.

Order and Inventory Synchronization

Orders are then automatically imported into your QuickBooks company file as Invoices, Sales Receipts, or Sales Orders, based on your preferences.

The Synchronizer will help you effortlessly keep inventory up-to-date: when you receive a new shipment and enter updated inventory data into your QuickBooks company file, you will then be able to instantly update inventory levels in your ProductCart store database.

Scheduled or On-Demand Synchronization

Using the QuickBooks Web Connector, which is a free download that is installed on your desktop, you can set up your QuickBooks company file to contact your Web store every N minutes (e.g. every hour) to download new orders, upload new inventory levels, map new products and customers, etc.

More Information on ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks

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    ProductCart Synchronizer requires a ProductCart license. It cannot be used as a stand-alone product, or with other ecommerce software.
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    How does inventory synchronization work? When are orders transferred? Etc.
  • System requirements
    Make sure to carefully review the system requirements.
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