Apparel Add-on

manage inventory on product options, show color swatches, and more
ProductCart Apparel Add-on

The Apparel Add-On gives stores using our shopping cart software the ability to handle inventory levels on product options (e.g. color/size combinations). Each product variation is handled as an individual part number or SKU that is then associated with a unique inventory level, images, weight, price, tiered pricing, etc.

This is something that is typical of the apparel industry (yep, that's why we called it "Apparel" Add-on), but it certainly applies to other industries as well.

Why use it: inventory controls and product management at the product options level

  • Perfect for companies that want to sell clothing online (it's used by dozens of companies in the apparel industry), it works great for any scenario in which you need to manage inventory on product options (multiple variations of the same product).
  • Combinations of product options (variations) are handled as individual part numbers
  • Flexibility in the way "out of stock" items are handled (e.g. show, hide, show as back-ordered)
  • Show a different product image when clicking on a color swatch.
  • Lots of store management tools specifically designed to handle a main product and its "sub-products"

A very popular add-on

The Apparel Add-on has been an extremely successful addition to our shopping cart software.

Used by over 30% of all ProductCart-powered ecommerce stores, it can easily be added to any store running ProductCart v3 and above.

It's compatible with both the Standard and the Build To Order version of our ecommerce software, and has been implemented in a wide variety of scenarios and industries.