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Help customers properly configure your customizable products by adding conflict resolution features

Formerly Known as ProductCart Build to Order with Conflict Manager


The Problem: related selections

What if customers should not be allowed to select an item when another one is selected? Or what if an item should be selected when another one is chosen? This is what we refer to as Conflict Management.

When configuring a customizable product or service, there are often interdependent selections that are related in a variety of ways. Sometimes two or more selections can be in conflict with each other. Other times an item might be required when another selection is made. The scenarios are virtually endless.

The Solution: conflict resolution

ProductCart Configurator Plus Ecommerce Conflict Management

You can now manage an unlimited number of business rules on your product configuration page by adding Conflict Management to your ProductCart Configurator system.

  • create an unlimited number of business rules to manage conflicts and enforce selections among any of the items that are assigned to a ProductCart Configurator product.
  • create completely different rules for different ProductCart Configurator products.
  • combine multiple rules to implement complex business logic.
  • copy rules from one ProductCart Configurator product to another, assuming the products share the selectable items that are referenced in those rules.
  • automatically make certain selections unavailable on the configuration page when a rule is enforced. If you select A, selections B and C are automatically "grayed out" to visually indicate that they cannot be selected.