Support and Update Policy

terms and conditions for technical support and software updates

(1) Quality of Customer Service

At NetSource Commerce we take pride in the level of customer service we provide to ProductCart users. Support requests are answered quickly and accurately. Customers are often surprised by the speed and quality of the technical support they receive from us and often express their satisfaction with the level of customer service they experienced (see some customer testimonials).

That said, technical support is always provided on a "best effort" basis and there may be times when our response time is not as quick as usual.

Technical support as well as pre-sale and post-sale customer service is not outsourced to a third party, but rather provided directly by our knowledgeable staff.

(2) Technical Support Terms Summary

Technical Support on ProductCart to NetSource Commerce customers is provided as follows:

  1. Direct Technical Support
    NetSource Commerce provides direct technical support to ProductCart users who purchased the software from the ProductCart Software Store. Users that purchased a ProductCart license from an authorized ProductCart Reseller are required to obtain technical support directly from the reseller, or they can purchase the Support & Updates Plan from NetSource Commerce.
    1. Free Initial Support
      Technical support is provided free of charge for 30 days since the day a new ProductCart license is activated.
    2. Support & Updates Plan
      Technical support via e-mail after the initial 30-day period is provided through the yearly Support & Updates Plan on all products unless otherwise specified below under Products excluded from Support & Updates Plan
  2. Documentation and Forum
    Frequently updated help resources include the ProductCart WIKI and our User forums. These resources are available to all users of ProductCart, regardless of where they purchased their ProductCart license.

(3) ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan

ProductCart users receive technical support and free software updates and upgrades through the ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan, which is a yearly subscription. The terms and conditions under which the subscription is sold are available on the ProductCart Software Store. The services provided under the Plan are as follows.

  1. E-mail Only
    Support is available via e-mail only through ProductCart's support system. Technical support via telephone is not available at this time. However, we will initiate phone calls when needed.
  2. Support Ticket Submission Requirement
    Customers must initiate a support request by logging into their account on the ProductCart Software Store and submitting a support ticket using the Support Ticket Submission Form.
  3. 24 Support Tickets per Year
    Customers may submit up to 24 support requests a year via the Support Ticket Submission Form. Most users never get close to this number. If you reach the 24-ticket limit, you will be able to purchase additional Support Incidents.
  4. ProductCart Default Features Only
    Technical support is limited to ProductCart's existing features, and does not include:
    1. assistance on customizations that you may apply or have already applied to the software source code
    2. assistance on third-party applications used in conjunction with ProductCart
    3. assistance updating or upgrading ProductCart to a new version
    4. assistance with the integration of the customer's graphical interface; or application of code snippets used in the graphical interface; or troubleshooting errors that only occur when the customer's interface files are used (that do not occur when the default files are used).
    5. assistance with the XML tools (the XML Tools come with a well-documented SDK)
    6. assistance with issues that have been resolved in a later version. If an issue in the version of ProductCart that you are currently using has been addressed in a new version, you will be asked to update or upgrade to that version. If you do not wish to do this, for any reason, you may purchase ad-hoc support to have our team review and address the issue on the current release, assuming this is technically possible (in some cases it is not).
  5. Software Updates
    The ProductCart License Key associated with your ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan subscription will have access to the following software:
    1. Software updates and upgrades to the version of ProductCart that you have purchased.
    2. Software updates are provided under the same terms and conditions which govern your use of any ProductCart software, and which are contained in the ProductCart End User License Agreement.
  6. License-Specific (Store-specific)
    Technical support and software updates and upgrades are provided only for the ProductCart-powered store that is associated with the License Key entered at the time the ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan subscription is purchased.

(4) Products Excluded from Support & Updates Plan

The following products are excluded from the Support & Updates Plan as described below:

  • ProductCart Synchronizer for Use with QuickBooks
    This product requires separate Support Incidents. Two incidents are included with each purchase.
  • Purchase of ProductCart v3 Upgrade
    If you are running version 2.x of ProductCart, you will need to purchase the v3 Upgrade. If you are running version 1.x of ProductCart, you will need to purchase both the v2 and v3 upgrades. Once you have upgraded to v3.x, all other updates and upgrades are included for the duration of the Plan.
  • ProductCart v4.6 and below is several years old and can no longer be effectively supported, so even if you are enrolled in the Support & Updates Plan but experience an issue that has been addressed in a later version, you will be asked to update to the current version to see if the issue is resolved. If not, then we will be happy to investigate further.

(5) Technical Support Incidents

Some of our software, due to its nature, requires a particularly high level of technical support. Instead of substantially increasing the price of such software, we will require customers to pay to obtain technical support by purchasing Technical Support Incidents. A set number of free Incidents will be provided when a license is purchased.

A Technical Support Incident includes the services described on the Technical Support Incident purchase page.

Current list of software that requires Technical Support Incidents:

  • ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks
    2 free Technical Support Incidents included with purchase

In addition, you may purchase Technical Support Incidents when you have exhausted the number of support tickets (currently 24) that are included under the ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan.

(6) Other Technical Support Resources

Technical support is available in the form of a frequently updated "wiki" of hundreds of ProductCart articles, a searchable and updated database of frequently asked questions, forums, information and code samples for developers, and more.