Cart Update Assessment

Cart Update Assessment
Are you putting off updating your ProductCart to the latest version, because you're worried about customizations and possible conflicts? The ProductCart team can help with a quick and affordable assessment that will identify potential issues before you upgrade.
Price: $99.00
Product Details

The ProductCart Update Assessment will help you make an informed decision about upgrading your cart to the latest version so you can enjoy all of the newest security and marketing features.

Is the Update Assessment for you?

  • Is you cart highly customized?
  • Is your website no longer supported by the original developer, so that now you're unsure whether the cart was customized or not?
  • Have you been putting off Upgrading to the latest version for fear of unforeseen problems?

We can help!

We will assess your current website files and identify potential problems, giving you an estimate of the time and investment that might be involved in upgrading your storefront (temporary FTP access to the 'ProductCart' folder on your server is required). If you then decide that you'd like us to perform the upgrade for you, we will apply the Upgrade Assessment fee toward development and programming costs!