ProductCart Configurator+ v5

SKU: PC5-ConfigPlus
You are selling a customizable product: are some of the selections in conflict with each other? Should customers be directed to purchasing a certain product when they select another one? The Conflict Management Add-on for ProductCart Configurator allows you to apply unlimited rules to the item selections on the product configuration page.
Price: $2,990.00
ProductCart Configurator+ v5
ProductCart Configurator+ v5
Product Details
In a nutshell...
Help customers make correct selections on your product configuration page by adding Conflict Management to your ProductCart Configurator system (previously Build To Order). Its features translate into the ability to:
  • create an unlimited number of business rules to manage conflicts and enforce selections among any of the items that are assigned to a Configurator product.
  • create completely different rules for different Configurator products.
  • combine multiple rules to implement complex business logic.
  • copy rules from one Configurator product to another, assuming the products share the selectable items that are referenced in those rules. More information >>