QuickBooks Synchronizer Technical Support Incident

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For some of our applications (e.g. ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks) we provide technical support on a per-incident basis. You will need to purchase this item to be able to submit a technical support ticket.
Price: $79.00
QuickBooks Synchronizer Technical Support Incident
QuickBooks Synchronizer Technical Support Incident
Product Details
The price is for one technical support incident. The following Terms and Conditions apply to Technical Support Incidents.
  1. When this is needed
    We provide technical support on a per-incident basis on applications that - due to their nature - require a particularly high level of technical support. You will be notified if the application that you are purchasing requires Technical Support Incidents at the time of your purchase and whether your purchase includes any credits for future Technical Support Incidents. The Early Impact Support and Updates Policy page includes a list of software applications that require Technical Support Incidents.

  2. What it covers
    We will assist you on one issue. You cannot use the same support incident to cover multiple, unrelated issues. In addition, our technical support is strictly limited to issues that pertain to our software. We cannot assist you with issues that are beyond our control. This is especially important when dealing with integrations with third-party applications. For instance, if you are having a problem installing the QuickBooks Web Connector on your desktop, that is not a topic that we can provide technical support on.

  3. What if there's a bug?
    If the issue turns out to be due to a bug in our software, your purchase will be either voided (if payment has not yet been processed) or refunded (if payment has already been processed).