ProductCart Support & Updates Plan

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A yearly subscription to obtain technical support and free software updates & upgrades for your ProductCart software license. $395 for the first year, $295 every 12 months thereafter.

Price: $395.00
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ProductCart Support & Updates Plan
ProductCart Support & Updates Plan
Product Details
Please note that support for stores running a version of ProductCart below v5.0 was deprecated as of April, 2018. Support plans for versions 4.x and lower still give you access to the most current version of the software and/or any patches produced for version 4.x stores at no additional charge. However, all support labor for stores at version 4.x or lower is now billable support at our standard rate of $200 / hour.

The ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan is a yearly subscription that gives you access to:
  • Technical Support
    Fast and accurate technical support through our Support Ticket System. You can open up to 24 tickets a year under the plan. To open a Support Ticket, just log into your ProductCart software store account.

  • Free Software Updates and Upgrades
    All ProductCart software updates and upgrades after v3 are free under the plan. Whereas in the past we charged for software upgrades, ProductCart software upgrades (e.g. from v3 to v4) are free as long as your subscription to the Support & Updates Plan is active.
For details, please see our Technical Support & Updates Policy

If you do not purchase the Support & Updates Plan:
  • You have access to support and updates for 30 days from the date your ProductCart license was activated
  • You can certainly keep running your store, but you cannot update the software to a new version
  • You have access to support through our constantly updated ProductCart support documentatiom and the active ProductCart community on our forums


By purchasing a Subscription to the ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

(1) Yearly Subscription
You are purchasing a yearly Subscription. Your account will be charged again each year on the anniversary date of your purchase.

(2) Subscription Amount
The Subscription Amount is the price shown on the ProductCart Web site. You can view it on the following and other pages: NetSource Commerce reserves the right to change the Subscription amount. If the amount does change, at the time your Subscription is set to renew, you will be given the option of renewing your Subscription for the new amount, or canceling it.

(3) Services Provided
The Services provided under the ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Plan and which you are subscribing to are listed in the ProductCart Technical Support & Updates Policy, which constitutes part of these Terms and Conditions.

(4) License-specific
This subscription is specific to the ProductCart License Key that it is associated with. You will be asked to enter a ProductCart License Key at the time you purchase this Subscription. If you own more than one ProductCart License Key, you will need to purchase a separate Subscription for each License Key for which you wish to obtain the Services.
Depending on your current version, you might be able to find it at the top of the "Troubleshooting Utility" page under the 'Help' menu in the ProductCart Control Panel. If not, try clicking on the "Check for Updates" link on the Start Page of your ProductCart Control Panel -- and then Copy & Paste the entire URL/address into a reply to this message. Otherwise, you can definitely find your License Key in the first line of the file  "/includes/storeconstants.asp".

(5) Subscription Cancellation
You can cancel your Subscription at any time. However, you will not be reimbursed for any unused time or services. If you cancel your Subscription, you will no longer be eligible for the Services provided as part of this Subscription.

(6) ProductCart End User License Agreement
Except for the Terms and Conditions included above, your relationship with NetSource Commerce, and your use of all ProductCart software and related services are governed by the terms and conditions contained in the ProductCart End User License Agreement, which you have agreed to when you installed and began to use the software and which can be found at: