Fix for Microsoft Windows Update - Not In Support Plan

Fix for Microsoft Windows Update - Not In Support Plan
Price: $75.00
Product Details
Recently, Microsoft pushed out a Windows Server Update that contained a patch for 'vbscript', but the patch contains a bug that breaks the Encryption and Decryption algorithm used by ProductCart. The effect of this can be any one of the following issues, often at random:

- Merchants and Sub Users are unable to login to the ProductCart Control Panel, because their passwords are not being properly decrypted.
- Some Customers are unable to login to their Account in the Storefront, because their password is not being properly decrypted.
- Stores using Offline Credit Card Processing are no longer seeing the correct credit card number when it is extracted from the database and decrypted.

We do not know if/when Microsoft will recognize and address this issue, so we have had to modify the software to work around the bug that was introduced in the Windows Update.

Customers that are enrolled in the ProductCart Support & Updates Plan can download the patch for free, as part of their maintenance plan. Simply login to your ProductCart Control Panel and navigate to: Help > Check for Updates and download the file.

We encourage Customers not currently enrolled in the Support & Updates Plan to do so by enrolling here:

In addition to getting the fix for the Windows Server Update, you will be eligible to receive all new releases and updates for the next 12 months, along with access to the Support Desk.

If you choose not to enroll in the Support & Updates Plan, you can still download the fix for a $75 fee by purchasing this Item.