Updates Archive

containing information on updates that were released in the past

Version 3.x

Use the "Check for Updates" feature in the ProductCart Control Panel to download the correct update for your store. Updates are incremental, so you might have to perform multiple updates to move to the latest version.

Version 3.5

LinkPoint API Security Issue - 01.03.09.
Users of ProductCart v3.5 and the LinkPoint API payment gateway should install this update to address a security issue discovered on 01.03.09. See the ReadMe file inside the ZIP archive for instructions. Download

Version 3.11

The following support/files are only for users of ProductCart version 3.11, unless otherwise indicated. A ReadMe file is included with each ZIP file and contains more details on what it addresses. If you are running a previous version of ProductCart, please see our Archives.

USPS International Shipping Rates - 05.23.08
A recent change in the USPS shipping API caused ProductCart to no longer display certain International shipping rates. See the ReadMe contained in the ZIP archive for details. Download the updated file
Security Alert - 05.20.08 | Last Updated 05.22
We have issued a Security Alert following a large scale SQL injection attack that has affected over 500,000 Web sites around the world. Read the alert >> and download the support/files, which were last updated on 05.22 (new file added for 2.7x stores). Download the updated support/files
Anti spam fix - 04.21.08 (v3.11)
Added CAPTCHA validation to the "Tell a Friend" and "Contact" pages to prevent scripts from targeting the forms for spamming. First posted on 04.16, updated on 04.21. Download the updated support/files
Google Checkout improvements and bug fix - 02.28.08 (v3.11)
The support/files contain two improvements and one bug fix for users of Google Checkout:
  • A tax calculation issue was addressed.
  • The improvements are related to the removal of some limitations with shipping and tax. (e.g. International "World Ship Tag" was not available at the time of previous releases).
Download the updated support/files
PayPal Express Currency Selection Bug - 02.28.08 (v3.11)
When Express Checkout is enabled without Direct Payment the currency selection does not save correctly. The system defaulted the currency to USD. Download the updated file
Build To Order Customer Pricing Category Fix - 01.10.08 (v3.11)
Addresses two issues related to stores using the Build To Order version and the customer pricing category feature. See the ReadMe file for details. Download the updated file
Yearly Sales Reports Fix - 01.01.08 (applicable to version v3.051 to v3.11)
This file fixes a discrepancy in the Yearly Sales Chart shown in the Quick Summary. Download the updated file
UPS OnLine® Tools "ShipAccept" Fix - 12.18.07
Users of the UPS OnLine® Tools shipping wizard should apply this fix. It addresses an unhandled error when confirming a shipment request to UPS. Currently, if an error occurs, it can result in a continuous loop until the browser is closed. Download the updated file
Updated 2Checkout integration with support for "Direct Return" - 12.17.07
Users of the 2Checkout payment gateway can now use "Direct Return" to automatically return their customers to their ProductCart store after purchase. Download the updated support/files
VAT + Gift Certificates: error on order verification page - 12.13.07
On stores using Value Added Tax (VAT) and Gift Certificates, there was an issue on the order verification page (pc/orderVerify.asp). Download the updated file
Build To Order + Conflict Management: error on configuration page - 12.12.07
When BTO configuration items were removed/inactive/out of stock, they were hidden on the configuration pages, but they were still active in the Conflict Management rules. This caused a problem. Download the updated file
Delay loading "Locate a Customer" page - 12.11.07
Stores with a high number of customers have reported delays loading the "Locate a Customer" page. This is due to the "Auto Suggest feature. Download file without "auto suggest"
Error on Order Completed page when using SSL - 11.27.07
The order was completed successfully, but the customer would not see the order confirmation page (pc/ordercomplete.asp) and an error would be returned. This appears to primarily affect stores using a shared SSL certificate, but in some cases a dedicated SSL certificate as well. Download the updated support/files
Credit card expiration date shown incorrectly on invoice page - 11.26.07
This affected the invoice page both when printing it for a single order (pcadmin/ordInvoice.asp) and for multiple orders (pcadmin/batchPrint.asp). Download the updated support/files